If you have a valuable family document or a diploma, you may want to consider preservation glass to protect it from fading or yellowing. A small print may command a larger presence on a wall if it's double-matted and given a suitable frame. You probably want to show off those autographed Bills and Sabres jerseys in an elegant shadowbox. These are just some of the superior services we offer at Wilson Family Picture Framing.

We Also Offer Some an Assortment of Other Services as Well, Including:

  • Dry Mounting
  • Stretching of Oil Paintings
  • Stretching of Cross Stitching Projects
  • Frame Assembly
  • And More...

Wilson provides the kind of attention to detail that you won't get at a large craft store that just does framing on the side. Wilson Family Picture Framing can handle any framing project, big or small. Even if you're not sure what your framing need are, call us to set up an appointment. We're happy to take the time to walk you through the process.

Let Wilson Family Picture Framing help how you picture your home become a reality. It's time to deck the walls with your family's memories and keepsakes!

Call us today for all your framing needs.